Feel Vibrant with Miracle Far Infrared Saunas

Miracle Far Infrared Saunas are the most effective far infrared saunas available.

Using Solacarbon heat as the active ingredient, Miracle Saunas offer the maximum therapeutic results. Solacarbon is the only heater on the market clinically shown to raise core temperature, lower blood pressure and aid in weight loss. This is one of the reasons more doctors recommend Miracle Saunas over any other sauna brand.

Solacarbon Far Infrared Therapy
Our active ingredient: Solacarbon far infrared technology proven effective & safe.
EMF Technology
For the safest infrared heater on the market, look no further than our very own Solacarbon heaters.
Beautiful Craftsmanship
With 100 percent quality-controlled manufacturing, you will not find another far infrared sauna as beautiful.
Deluxe Bench
The Miracle Sauna’s bench is made of solid wood for ultimate comfort. If you don’t want to sit, no problem.
Mood Lighting

Soft interior lights add an intimate ambiance yet provide enough light for reading.

Premium Sound System
Our sound system is intergrated in the control panel via bluetooth or USB.